EDH Commander Tier List


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Commander is mostly for fun with friends, except when it is not. It can become astonishingly competitive. However, the casual, the competitive and everyone in between can enjoy this game due to its social nature. www.edh-commanders.com thinks these are the top 3 commanders.

The Gitrog Monster

This legendary creature is the perfect illustration of an all-in strategy in competitive EDH. Always pushing for a win, this type of deck forces opponents to react or die. Such decks usually abuse the mechanics of a dredge deck on the card Dakmor Salvage.

This strategy aims to strip all opponents’ hands, draw the entire deck, and destroy all of the opponents’ permanents. If they refuse to concede defeat, it kills then using Deathrite Shaman Loops. This is a great commander if you aim to be the threat at any playing table.

Zur, the Enchanter

This commander has been around for a long time and holds a place among the top commanders. The most interesting thing about Zur is that he actually acts as a backup plan to the player’s main game plan. Players do not usually play him in an enchantment-based deck. Rather, they play out their primary Storm, Doomsday, or Consultation plan. If something stops them in any way, they play Zur to gain Necropotence, which allows them to reload for another attempt.

Najeela, the Blade-Blossom

This is a relatively recent addition to the tier list. The main reason this commander features in the list is that she tends to win with combat damage. This is pretty unusual in the Commander format. She is the closest thing to a Tempo/Aggro deck; however, her wins do rely on a combo.

This is a basic introduction into the EDH Commander tier list. One thing you need to understand is that you should not choose a commander based on abilities only. What you like and colors matter as well. Each deck uses its commander in different ways.